UPTET 2014 Notification | UP (Uttar Pradesh) TET Exam 2014-15

Last UPTET exam was conducted by UP (Uttar Pradesh ) government on 22nd and 23rd February, 2014 . The advertisement for this exam was notified back in December, 2013 and the last date to apply for this exam was 21st January, 2014.

Schedule of UP TET in 2014

This time; UPTET ( Uttar Pradesh Teacher eligibility Test ) will be conducted two times in a year .

  • First Phase – Which was earlier in February
  • Second Phase – November to December (or may be next year)
Most possible that the advertisement will be published in the first weeks of January, 2013 .

Sachiv Pariksha Niyamak Pradhikari, Allahabad office is concentrating on the following things:-

  • Ensuring that all the questions and options given below are correct .
  • QUESTION paper codes and other settings are in a correct way .
  • To maintain the standard of the exam, this time the QUESTION paper will be prepared by famous scholars .
  • Identifying any wrong or unnecessary data from the advertisement .

When is the next UPTET exam ?

Well, may be in December or next year; Right now, there is no buzz in the town about this topic. Keep visiting this page for latest information .


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